Geohot se marca un rap contra Sony

Geohot se marca un rap contra Sony

Si me habéis seguido durante un tiempo seguramente sabréis que Geohot es mi jailbreaker favorito, y es que a pesar de que éticamente muchas veces no haga lo correcto su juventud y el hecho de trabajar solo le dan un mérito increíble.

Tras ser demandado por Sony y haber sido forzado a retirar sus ‘descubrimientos’ sobre la PlayStation 3, Geohot ha decidido contestar a Sony con un rap cuanto menos peculiar.

Tras el salto os dejo la letra del rap.

The Light It Up Contest
Yo it’s geohot
And for those that don’t know
I’m getting sued by Sony

Let’s take this out of the courtroom and into the streets
I’m a beast, at the least, you’ll face me in the northeast
Get my ire up, light my fire
I’ll go harder then Eminem went at Mariah
Call me a liar
Pound me in the ass with no lube, chafing
You’re fucking with the dude who got the keys to your safe and
Those that can’t do bring suits
Cry to your Uncle Sam to settle disputes
Thought you’d tackle this with a little more tact
But then again fudgepackers, I don’t know Jack

I shed a tear everytime I think of Lik Sang
But shit man, they’re a corporation
And I’m a personification of freedom for all
You fill dockets, like thats a concept foreign to y’all
While lawyers muddy water and TROs stall
Out of business is jail for me
And you’re suing me civilly

Exhibit this in the courtroom
Go on, do it, I dare you

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